Another Land

The second monograph on the work of Nicky Coutts, featuring essays by John Stezaker, Anita Phillips, Joseph Leo Koerner and David Burrows.

Monograph, published by Mantis, London, 2006.
Contributors: John Stezaker, Anita Phillips, Joseph Leo Koerner and David Burrows.
Design: Fraser Muggeridge Studio.
Hard cover, Duo tone, including 3 fold-out triptychs and unclipped pictorial three-quarter dust-jacket. 168 x 243mm, 48 pages.
ISBN-13: 9780954065812

Some Other Time

Monograph, published by VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities) 2009.
Contributors: Contains an essay by Heather Phillipson.
Soft cover, full colour.
Published following a 1 year residency at VARC.
210 x 230xmm, 24 pages.

Thought Sequence

Monograph, published by Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Argo Books, Berlin, 2011.

Soft cover, full colour. Contains a text by Coutts based on Walter Benjamin’s short essay The Handkerchief. Text in English and translated into German by Christina Thomson. Thought Sequence contains stills from the film Forest.
165 x 215 mm, 18 pages.


'Giraffe Time' in Photography and Culture, Issue 2

Girafe Time is a collaborative text written with Vanessa Ewan (Senior Lecturer, Movement, Co-Course Leader MA/MFA Movement: Directing and Teaching at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) in Photography and Culture, Issue 2, as part of The Theatre of Photography (edited by Joel Anderson and Wiebke Leister) 2018

Vertigo Rising

A collaborative text/image work for the show ICU at 5 Years, London. Liz Murray (artist) produced the visual material (13 photographs, collages, diagrams) and Coutts the text. Five folded sheets: 210 x 148 mm

ISBN: 9780954065829


Texts in books and publications

'Portraits of the Nonhuman: Visualizations of the Malevolent Insect' in Insect Poetics (2006)

Brown, E. (ed.), (2006) ‘Portraits of the Nonhuman: Visualizations of the Malevolent Insect’ in: Insect Poetics, Coutts, N., University of Minnesota Press, pp.218-398

ISBN-13: 978-0816646968

'Animal Print Suicide' in Perspectives on Contemporary Printmaking, Critical Writing since 1986 (2018)

Pelzer-Montada, R. (ed.) (2018) ‘Animal Print Suicide’ in: Perspectives on Contemporary Printmaking, Critical Writing since 1986, Coutts, N., Manchester University Press, pp.219-223

ISBN: 9781526125750

'Mimics 1' in Tierstudien- Mimesis, Mimikry, Mimese (2017)

Ullrich, J. & Ullrich A., (ed.) (2017) ‘Mimics 1’, text and image feature in: Tierstudien– Mimesis, Mimikry, Mimese, Coutts, N., Berlin: Neofelis Verlag, pp.151-158

ISBN: 9783958081291

'Animal, Print, Suicide' in Against Nature: Printmare (2014)

Coutts, N. (2014) ‘Animal, Print, Suicide’, in: Against Nature: Printmare, Camberwell Press, pp.17-27

ISBN: 9781908971316

‘Pedagogies’ in: Mutual Dependencies (2011)


Meynell, K. (ed.), (2011) ‘Pedagogies’ in: Mutual Dependencies. London: Artwords Press. Coutts, N. Introduction to essays by H. F. Westley, Jeremy Ackermann & Maria Walsh, pp.84-87

ISBN: 9781906441258

'The Unholy Insect' in Antennae: Journal of Nature in Visual Culture (2007)

Aloi, G. (ed.), (2007) ‘The Unholy Insect’, in: Antennae: Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Coutts, N., Issue 3 Vol. 2, pp.31-36

ISSN: 1756-9575

'A Distance of Stones' in Coated in Pre-existence (2016)

A Distance of Stones

Damiani, G., (ed.) (2016) A Distance of Stones in : Coated in Pre-existence, Coutts, N., Elizabeth XI Bauer, pp. 23-31

Exhibition catalogues & other publications

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