Thought Sequence


40 pen drawings on fabriano paper, 14.8 x 21 cm




Thought Sequence is a series of forty sequential drawings grouped in twos, threes, nines, elevens. The drawings were made in a sketch book containing semi-transparent parchment leaves. You can see through the surface drawing to around the depth of eight pages beneath, which become ever more indistinct the deeper they are in the sketchbook. The drawings have been scanned and printed to include the ‘ghost’ drawings beneath. Showing them as sequences reveals an image being drawn to the surface and then disappearing as it would if the page of the sketchbook were turned. Each drawing was made with what had gone before out of sight with only the final scanned images acknowledging them as a sequence. They were drawn while learning to sign the speech the gorilla Koko signed at the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, 2014 .

Thought Sequence is part of a body of work titled Man Stupid. Man Stupid also includes See Nature, Theory of Mind and the large-scale drawing series Man Stupid.

See the publication Beast.